Information about abstract submission

Proposals for individual presentations, thematic sessions or roundtable discussions can be submitted here by 1 February 2022 at the latest. Please note that as a rule, attendees should not be an active participant (presenter, chair, discussant etc.) in more than two (2) proposals.


Session types and length etc.


• You can submit three kinds of proposals: individual presentations, thematic sessions and roundtable discussions (panels). For individual papers, the organising committee will be responsible for creating loosely thematic sessions with three or four presentations in each.


• In general, sessions at the conference will be 90 minutes or, in a few cases depending on demand, 120 minutes long. Sessions put together by the organising committee from individual proposals will allow 25-30 minutes including questions for each paper. If you plan to propose a thematic session you should base it on the same rule of thumb, which means that proposals with three papers will normally be given 90 minutes and those with four or five papers will be allowed 120 minutes.


• If your thematic session consists of more than five presentations, it will be sheduled as a double session – either 90+90 or 90+120 minutes, in the latter case allowing for a maximum of eight papers. If you plan a proposals with more than eight presentations, please contact the organisers on before you submit your proposal.


• Roundtables will normally be 90 minutes long. There is no specific limit to the number of participants, but if the panel is large or for some other reason you wish to have 120 minutes for the session please contact the organisers on before you submit your proposal.


Submission instructions

The following instructions can also be found on the abstract submission form.

Language: The language should be English, Danish, Norwegian, or Swedish.

Title: The title is limited to 150 characters.

Participants and affiliations: Please enter the name and affiliate of the participants in the dedicated fields.


  • For individual presentations and roundtable discussions, the abstract should not exceed 300 words. For Thematic sessions the abstract should also, if applicable, include the titles of the individual papers or presentations making up the session, in which case the whole abstract should not exceed 500 words. The abstract title, names, and affiliations of participants do not affect the number of words.

  • Any errors in spelling, grammar, or facts will be published as submitted by the author since accepted abstracts are not edited before publication.

Contact: Contact regarding abstract will be made with submitting authors who are responsible for the information reaching other participants.

Questions: If you have any questions regarding your abstract, please send an email to Questions about session formats or the conference program etc. should be directed to the organising committee at