The congress programme includes keynote lectures, thematic sessions, roundtable discussions (panels) and a concluding plenary session. Most thematic sessions have been proposed and organised by individual scholars, but about a third are made up by individual papers which have been grouped into sessions by the NHM2022 organising committee. See below for a programme overview in Swedish and links to the full congress programme.

Please note that due to flight disruptions, the two keynote lectures by Maya Jasanoff and Poul Holm has changed places with each other in the programme. This is reflected in the overview below, as well as in the online and printed versions of the full programme.

The full programme is available in a few different versions:

  • Official congress programme: Static PDF version of the full and final programme, published on 13 July 2022. Changes after this date are only reflected in the online graphical programme linked below. They are also listed at the bottom of this page. The PDF is the basis of the printed programme that will be distributed during registration in Gothenburg.
  • Graphical programme: Online version with links to all abstracts, last updated on 5 August 2022.
  • Book of abstracts: A PDF file with all abstracts ordered by submission type (individual papers, thematic sessions and roundtable discussions) and session number. The abstract book was last updated on 5 August 2022 and will only be made available in digital form.

Late programming changes

The following is a list of all changes made after 13 July 2022, when the official congress programme went into print. The list was last updated on 7 August.

• The presentation of the Nordic History Book Award has been moved from the congress dinner to the opening ceremony on 8 August.

• Session 1 B: Martin Skoglund’s paper moved to Session 2 B

• Session 1 J: Sofie Lindeberg’s participation cancelled

• Session 1 L & 2 L: Johanna Ilmakunnas’ participation cancelled

• Session 2 B: Katrin Kleemann’s paper cancelled and replaced by Martin Skoglund’s

• Session 3 E: Paper P7 (Sine Maria Vinther) cancelled

• Session 3 L: Session cancelled

• Session 4 C: Session cancelled

• Session 4 R: Paper P34 (Christopher Thompson, Didier Goossens) cancelled

• Session 6 H: Jani Marjanen’s paper cancelled

• Session 7 F: Paper P77 (Martin Andersson) cancelled

• Session 7 L: Paper P94 (Björn Hasselgren) cancelled

• Session 7 L: Paper P96 (Jana Lainto) cancelled

• Session 7 M: Paper P98 (Magnus Rodell) will be presented in Swedish

• Session 8 C: Heikki Kokko’s participation cancelled

• Session 9 A: Jens Petter Nielsen’s participation cancelled

• Session 9 D: Paper P112 (Hrafnkell Lárusson) cancelled

• Session 9 H: Anssi Ollilainen’s and Eva Hellman’s participation cancelled

• Session 9 P: Paper P128 (Heini Hakosalo) cancelled